Bonjour French Club! Je m’appelle Charlotte and I am going to live (habiter) and work (travailler) as a teaching assistant in France for 4 months (quatre mois) – I can’t wait to share my adventures with you!😊 If you have any questions about my time in France, I would be more than happy to answer them for you via my blog!

It’s me! (C’est moi)

My friend (mon copain) ‘Theo’ will be coming with me whilst I visit lots of different sites in France, so be sure to look out for him too!

I need your help. I am leaving for France on Sunday (dimanche) and the head teacher of the school (collège), that I am working at, has sent me a list in French (en français) of the things (choses) I will need to bring. Would you be able to help me match the names of these items on her list below, to the following pictures? Why not also try and name the colours of these items?

My packing list includes:

  1. Un maillot de bain
  2. Une ceinture
  3. Un cardigan
  4. Des lunettes de soleil
  5. Un short
  6. Un pantalon
  7. Une robe
  8. Les tongs
  9. Un tee-shirt
  10. Une brosse à dents
  11. Une paire de chaussures
  12. Une valise
  13. Une écharpe
  14. Un sweat-shirt
  15. Un pyjama

What do you like to take on holiday with you? (Qu’est-ce que vous aimez apporter avec vous pendant vos vacances?). Write a sentence or two using at least three of the items above in French. I would love to hear your responses!
Here is a good starter: En vacances, je mets…

I hope you enjoyed this activity and I look forward to writing to you again- see you soon! (À bientôt)😊

If you are needing a little help, here is (voici) a list of vocabulary (une liste de vocabulaire):
Un maillot de bain– a swimming costume
Un cardigan– a cardigan
Un short– a pair of shorts
Les tongs– flip-flops
Une robe– a dress
Une valise– a suitcase
Une brosse à dents– a toothbrush
Un sweat-shirt– a sweatshirt
Une jupe– a skirt
Une ceinture– a belt
Une paire de chaussures– a pair of shoes
Des lunettes de soleil– sunglasses
Une écharpe– a scarf
Un pantalon– a pair of trousers
Un pyjama– a pair of pyjamas
Un tee-shirt– a t-shirt
Rose– pink
Gris(e)- grey
Noir(e)- black
Blanc(he)- white
Violet(te)- purple
Rouge– red
Bleu(e)- blue
Brun(e)- brown
Couleur de crème– cream coloured
Orange– orange


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